Dubai Police Targets at Achieving Zero Death toll

Over the past two decades, Dubai has developed with leaps at all stages of life during the day and night. This is the only reason we see a large number of cars, such as flooding on the roads of this wonderful city. That is why it is natural, accidents also increased due to crowded vehicles on the roads by 24/7. Although dozens of people die on the roads of Dubai every year because of this fact of overloading the coupe roads. The main fatalistic roads in accordance with official death rates are Sheikh Mohammad bin Zayed Road, Emirates Road, Sheikh Zayed Road, Al-Walker, Husaberg and Al-Hale Road. To this end, to reduce this mortality, the Dubai government has taken many steps to overcome the zero mortality situation by 2020. To achieve this, police in Dubai will find more vivid surveillance in areas with high traffic. It is recommended to each person who owns a car or driving a vehicle of car rental company, strictly follow the traffic instructions.

How to implement the rules

By imposing fines, penalties,and punishment strictly at the PTA, accidents can be controlled. Thus, it is convenient and easy to produce general brochures that contain a general traffic date for Dubai residents, who have always used the roads in the city.

Role of Police Patrolling on the roads to know facts

On top of that, the Dubai police must investigateto conduct good investigations about their ability to understand the causes of death in traffic accidents. The system for recording traffic interruptions and the exchange of sensors on main roads or main boulevards was revised. In the future, there will be additional detectors on the roads that are considered unsafe. To ensure that drivers avoid checkpoints, a Dubai inspector has now provided hundreds of vehicles to set an example for other drivers. Over the next few years, more cars will be flooded on Dubai’s roads, and common people will also want to worry about helping the police in Dubai accidentally reduce the number of road traffic crashes.

What is our responsibility of being a citizen

To be a citizen, be sure to follow the rules and strictly adhere to prohibited things because other lives are important for your life and the life of your loved one. So, to run smoothly, feel free to your friends.